Primitive Reflex integration, developmental delay and learning support

Simple Solutions for babies, children and adults
Training for parents, educators & therapists

If your ….… dandelion wish

♥ Little one needs milestone support

♥ Pre-schooler is not quite school ready

♥ Child is struggling at school?

♥ Finding little joy in learning

♥ Potential Unfulfilled?

♥ Stressed, anxious, tired, disorganised?

♥ Postural issues, muscle tension and injury recovery

♥ Looking for simple activities to maximise function & learning potential for all ages, stages & abilities

Evolve into Being (EiB) Consultations Seminars and Training

Evonne’s Evolve into Being practice and training approach is by  ‘gentle enhancement’, the gradual drawing out  of  the client’s own unique  body intelligence to create change and possibilities.

Private Consultations for you or your family include:

 Neuro-developmental therapy
 Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy
KinesiologyExtraordinary Channels APEC                             – Health & Educational  Kinesiology

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Seminars and Training

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